Thanks for the kind words in your review of our space and offerings, The Kittchen.

“Farmhouse is the restaurant my neighborhood, Chicago’s River North, had been hoping for. It filled a void. It has excellent food, one of the cities best craft beer selections, and the friendliest restaurant staff. I love this place. The atmosphere is rustic and cozy. It has a comfortable familiarity. It is a little hipster but not at all pretentious.

I recently read that the owners of Farmhouse thought people would come for the beer but stay for the food, but from the very beginning people loved the food. The menu changes regularly as it is based on food that is locally available.

My husband and I eat at Farmhouse somewhat regularly, so I have tried many of the items on the menu. I can report that the roast chicken and short rib are both excellent. The food at Farmhouse is rich hearty midwestern cooking. The entrees are what my father would consider a proper meal: meat, starch, and vegetable.”

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