Farmhouse Brown Dog Farm

Brown Dog Farm

TJ and Molly bought Brown Dog Farm in Fall of 2012. Named after the couple’s two Chesapeake Retrievers, Brown Dog Farm is 140-acres of rolling woods and prairie in the hills of the Wisconsin’s Driftless Region. The farm had not been farmed since the last 1980s prior to the sale to TJ and Molly. Approximately 80 acres is maintained as grassland for benefit of wild life in partnership with the Prairie Enthusiasts, a nonprofit. Forty acres have been partially restored back to native prairie with an ongoing program of planting native Wisconsin flowers and grasses and eradication of invasive species. When purchased, the farm had a small apple orchard and a good-sized asparagus bed. The farm also hosts black walnuts, wild grapes, wild raspberries, and morel mushrooms.

Since TJ and Molly bought Brown Dog Farm, they have planted an additional 140 apple, cider apple, pear, peach and cherry trees, as well as black and red raspberries, serviceberry, and hazelnuts. Twelve beehives are thriving, overseen by a local beekeeper, and we hope to enjoy honey from Brown Dog Farm later this year!