Robin and Bill Howard of the Baqette Travel Blog stopped by Farmhouse Chicago to relish some beer and delicious Midwestern food. Read about their stop at Farmhouse and enjoy their tips they share about how to travel happily.

“In spite of nearly being killed by the most monstrous pothole to ever terrorize the wasteland between Indianapolis and Chicago, four hours, one new tire and one cab ride later we were embraced in the loving, hoppy bosom of Farmhouse.

Located on the near-Northside of Chicago, Farmhouse is one of the first “farm-to-tavern” joints around. Since we were…delayed…our friends took our original reservation and lingered. When we showed up nearly two hours late, they were virtually glowing under the influence of what turned out to be one of the most extensive and well-curated beer lists I’ve ever seen and a menu so refreshing that their first words to us were:

“Dudes. You have to have exactly what we just had.”

And we did. From the fried Wisconsin cheese curds to the Amish-raised chicken sandwich and toffee bread pudding, we did. And we rejoiced.

Chef Eric Mansavage has created our very favorite kind of menu: comforting dishes from just a handful of the very best ingredients combined in slightly interesting ways. This is how we eat in non-touristica Italy and France and this is what we drove four hours for.

Google Farmhouse and the first thing you’ll notice are the raves about the service. Okay, how good can service be? I wondered. Well, how about servers that know as much about microbrew as any Napa wine sommalier? How about servers that make you feel like you’ve got a very cool, very hip friend who is really glad you stopped by for a three-hour lunch? How about a waiter who says “Wait. You can’t leave without trying this.”

If God is in the details then Farmhouse is a sacred place. From the mismatched architectural salvage tables to the curious, silvery Bevador that cheers up the bar like some kind of beloved steampunk pet, owners Ferdia, Nora, TJ and Molly have managed to combine an accessible four-star menu with the ultimate kick-back-and-exhale vibe in a sunny, historically honest, happy pub.

For us, Farmhouse puts American food back on the menu. Go get you some.”

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