Jessica is “just a girl…who likes beer” and she happened to be a big fan of our Brewers’ Banquet. She was excited enough before the event to share the Farmhouse Brewers’ Banquet with the readers of her wonderful blog,

Jessica mentions that she loves the way that the old favorites in Chicago brewing are happily welcoming the many new brewers to the Chicago craft beer scene.

“In fact, local-focused craft beer haven Farmhouse Tavern is hosting an event on Sunday, March 11th that will bring these two groups together. General Manager Rob Diaz and Chef Eric Mansavage have invited established Chicagoland breweries to stop by and ‘share war stories’ with the newbies.”

“…I asked Diaz how the established breweries reacted when he presented the idea for the event to them. “Do I have to work it?” was the common answer among the brewery personnel. Once they heard that they would have the day off to just kick back, listen to music, and talk shop in an informal, fun setting, they were immediately on board. Diaz sent out 1200 Facebook invites to various Chicago beer folk and has confirmation that representatives from Half Acre, Haymarket, Revolution Brewing, Metropolitan, and Two Brothers will be present. With regards to the up-and-coming breweries, Spiteful Brewing, New Chicago Beer Company, and Argyle will be there.

I asked Diaz what we can expect when we get to Farmhouse on Sunday afternoon. His answer? “A rockin’ good time.” Sounds good to me! He elaborated by stating that beer is about having fun and relaxing. He wants to foster networking, building relationships, but, overall, he just wants to have an unpretentious party. It sounds like that is exactly what it will be. Taps start flowing at noon and music, provided by Sanctified Grumblers, begins at 6pm. Hope to see you all on Sunday!”

Check out the rest of what she had to say about Farmhouse and read more of her wonderful coverage of the Chicago beer scene.

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