Check out Farmhouse owner Ferdia Doherty on Enjoy Illinois to get a sneak peek into the world of Farmhouse Chicago and Farmhouse Evanston.

“People are drawn to Chicago’s Farmhouse Tavern for a variety of reasons. Some visit for the 28 craft beers on tap, their local wine on draft, delicious homemade sodas, or fresh from the farm ingredients. Others go for the rustic heartland ambiance in the midst of the bustling city, or to be reminded of a simpler time. Whatever the reason, people continue go back to Farmhouse time and time again to be greeted by the Irishman at the door.

Raised in a fishing village in Ireland, Ferdia Doherty didn’t set out to be a restaurateur. He fueled his creativity in the design and marketing industry, running his own agency in Chicago for seven years. That all changed when Ferdia met TJ Callahan, a veteran in the restaurant turnaround business and fellow Irishman. TJ hired Ferdia’s company to work on a project with Irish pubs, admittedly because of Ferdia’s Irish roots.”

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