Thanks for a wonderful write up on Why am I So Full, and we’re glad that you decided to get adventurous with our southwest ranch and cheese curds.

“…I’m a huge fan of locally sourced food and frequent the farmers markets in the Gold Coast and Green City Market regularly.   Usually, I can’t wait to make meals out of the most recent purchases, especially seasonal items.  So when I’m a restaurant like Farmhouse Tavern, whose specialty is farm to table, my expectations are understandably elevated.  It is an understatement to say that it did not disappoint.

I started the meal with an order of cheese curds, not expecting too much.  I quickly learned that Farmhouse Tavern was going to impress me each step of the way.  The cheese curds were battered in a way that made them light and yet still crunchy.  They came with a house made ketchup and it was delicious.  To shake things up, I also asked for ranch to dip the cheese curds in and they brought out a zesty southwest ranch.  It was so good that we used the ranch for our tavern potato chips as well…”

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