Recently co-owner of Farmhouse Ferdia Doherty spoke with Eater Chicago about the wild ride that was the first year in business at Farmhouse.

“Farmhouse didn’t expect to have such a quick impact on Chicago. But when it opened a little more than a year ago, people starting flocking to it. Where owners Ferdia Doherty and TJ Callahan thought the large Midwestern craft beer selection would draw people in and then they’d get introduced to chef Eric Mansavage’s local, farm-to-table cooking, it turns out it was the other way around. And then they added a great cocktail program inspired by gin and a year in, people are still coming. Eater chatted with Doherty to dig in and see how the first year has been.

How has the first year been?

It’s been phenomenal. We anticipated a kind of nice ramp up over a number of months and we got hit really hard from the beginning. It was crazy. The first three months is always crazy and it was rocking. We learned a lot by a lot of mistakes.

Farmhouse Co-Owner Ferdia Doherty and Chef Eric Mansavage

Why do you think it was such a hit so quickly?

People ask me that all the time. It was a combination of the food we’re doing—simple Midwestern fare, locally sourced, grass-fed beef, etc. and the space had a good aura when you walked in. Nothing had worked in the space, but the combination of food, space, ambiance … and the area was crying out for something like this. The whole philosophy was to bring people in with 28 craft beers and surprise them with the food. But they came for the food and got surprised by the beers. The opposite thing happened. That’s been a real fun part from the beginning.”

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