This year’s drought has broken all sorts of records, and Harvest Moon Farms is struggling with such extreme weather. Bob and Jen are dear friends of ours, and we’re so happy to have Harvest Moon Farms as our CSA for Farmhouse. We want to help, and we hope you do as well. Farmhouse will be holding Draughts for Drought Aid soon to try to help Harvest Moon Farms in this terrible farming season. Learn more about the struggles facing Harvest Moon Farms and this year’s heirloom tomato crop here:

Draughts for Drought is taking place August 6-August 12 at Farmhouse Chicago. Fifty-percent of the proceeds from the following four beers will go directly to Harvest Moon Farms.

Metropolitan Flywheel Lager

Red Streak Cider

Greenbush Sunspot

Half Acre Daisy Cutter

We’ll also be hosting a D4D party Sunday, August 12, upstairs from 2-6 to help Harvest Moon Farms. We’ll be offering eight beers on tap for the D4D party with 50% of each beer bought going to Harvest Moon Farms. We’ll showcase Harvest Moon products throughout the day, and we’ll host a silent auction with wonderful products donated from our friends to help the Draughts for Drought cause.

Please RSVP for this event by emailing moc.o1513497508gacih1513497508cesuo1513497508hmraf1513497508@ofni1513497508 or by calling for a reservation at 312.280.4960.

Draughts for Drought at Farmhouse

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