Check out Farmhouse Chicago co-owner Nora Gainer in Today’s Chicago Woman Magazine’s September 2012 issue. Thank you for detailing our concept and showing such beautiful photos of our food and space.

“This farm-to-table craft tavern provides a true taste of the Midwest

Warmth. Salvaged wood. Grass-fed burgers. Wisconsin cheese curds. A Flywheel beer by Metropolitan. To Nora Gainer, co-owner of Farmhouse Chicago, that’s what it feels, looks and tastes like to be Midwestern.

While she’s now a “green foodie,” Nora Gainer admits to earlier days when she’d be at her office desk ensconced behind 12 Styrofoam cups of coffee. Two children and a lot of research later, she’s altered her lifestyle to revolve around everything local and organic.”

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