This Thursday will mark the first pickup for those who signed up for the Harvest Moon Farms CSA. You can pick up your share between 4-6pm right here at Farmhouse, 228 W. Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL.

Here’s more information from Harvest Moon Farms:

Pick up Procedures:

The shares will be located inside the restaurant. There will be a pick up checklist at your location, please find your name or the name the share was reserved by and simply mark off next to your name. Take your box (Regular Shares will take one (1) box and Double Shares will take two (2) boxes). Most members empty the contents of the box in to a tote bag and break down the box which we retrieve the following week and reuse. PLEASE, read the instructions on breaking down your box. If you don’t do it correctly they rip and can’t be used again and since they can’t be recycled they end up getting thrown out. If you can’t retrieve your box on a particular week you can have someone else pick it up for you. Just remember to have them check your name off of the list and make sure they know which size share to take.

To break down your box:

Flip box upside down

The flaps on the short side of the box have a seam

Pop the short flap out by crimping the seam towards you

Remove the flaps and flatten the box

If you pull at the flaps without creasing the seam the short flap side will tear

Stack your flattened boxes out of the way.

You are welcome to take your box with you; just try to remember to bring it back the following week.

If you have an egg share take your half dozen or dozen from the cooler. We also reuse egg cartons that are in good shape so when your eggs are gone you can bring your empty carton back to your drop site. Please don’t take eggs if you didn’t sign up for them as part of your share.

Share Box:

Each site will have a share box. If there is an item that you don’t care for place it in the box. Anything in the share box is up for grabs to other shareholders.


The weekly newsletter contains all of the information from the farm and is our main form of communication. All important information, including the box contents will be at the very beginning. General info, recipes, storage advice etc. will be further down in the body of the newsletter. The first few weeks can be a bit bumpy so please contact us with any questions or concerns. If there are any mix ups we’ll make them right, just give us a holler. We always make sure to have a few extra boxes ready. Lastly, if you ordered cheese or coffee shares we will send out more details once we get closer to the delivery date. We will be sending out information on the Grass Fed Beef, Heritage Pork and Free Range Chicken shares in the coming weeks. Thanks again for supporting our farm through the CSA program. We’re looking forward to a great growing season.

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